Young People as Agents of Change in Career Education

This was a paper which was published in the Indian Journal of Career and Livelihood planning

The following articles about Facework and what we have learnt in developing this project have been published in Huffington Post, and magazines and are reproduced here.

Giving Young People a Clear Line of Sight to Work

“What would Richard Branson change if he was the head teacher in this school?” This is a question I asked recently at a Facework employability training session for children who have been excluded from mainstream school and who felt ‘pushed-out.’ “Is Branson successful because his Virgin companies focus on good customer experience?” I asked. “No”, […]

Shine bright like a diamond | By Sarah Marquet

Social entrepreneur Stephen Carrick-Davies is a man who wears many hats. These include working within the non-profit sector as a freelance consultant and trainer, helping to run a successful community café – Hill Station – in South-East London, as well as being interim chief executive of the Inclusion Trust, a trust that focuses on young […]

The art of managing what you can’t measure

Some of my best friends are teachers; gifted, experienced practitioners who have dedicated their lives to nurturing and curating the slow unfurling of learning in early minds. Every day they have the chance to perform miracles and transform a child’s future and understanding of the world. As Socrates reminded us all those years ago “a […]

It’s good to be right about being wrong

It’s good to be right about being wrong! – The Facework journey of learning. Maggie Kalnins and Stephen Carrick-Davies reflect on what we learnt in developing Facework.

The Alternative shouldn’t be Inferior

Inclusion Trust_What Now For Pushed Out Learners A report from the Inclusion Trust looking at the current state of alternative education provision.   Download What Now For Pushed Out Learners report Download PRESS RELEASE Our most vulnerable young people See BBC news article about the report here See TES news article about the report here

Pushed out learners

THE INEQUALITY OF CAREERS EDUCATION Maggie Kalnins, CEO of Inclusion Trust, and Stephen Carrick-Davies ask why is it that those who need most help are missing out on good quality careers education. How do you make a topic interesting enough to galvanise peoples’ attention and motivate them to act and bring about change? Murray Davis, a […]

Conversations Into Employment

Stephen Carrick-Davies shares lessons learnt from the Nominet funded ‘Facework’ project. What’s my line? I’m happy cleaning windows
Take my time, I’ll see you when my love grows
Baby don’t let it slide, I’m a working man in my prime
Cleaning windows” Cleaning Windows by Van Morrison. Last week I met a window cleaner. He was wiping the […]

Recalibrating the Machine

Social Entrepreneur Stephen Carrick-Davies reflects on the desperate need to create better work-related training resources for marginalised and excluded young people In 1979 the UK Conservative party produced a powerful billboard ad depicting a long, snaking queue of claimants outside an unemployment office with the words “Labour Isn’t Working.” The juxtaposition of apparently real unemployed […]

Not neet Tweets

A report for @MondoFoundation on the work we run in Tanzania. Standing On My Own Two Feet -…

5 Psychology-Backed Exercises That Will Make You Feel More Confident…

A few reflections from last month's excellent #ChangeboardFT conference.…

Check out @JJNglobal work and their report on the employability needs in #nepal. Would love to share lessons learnt……

Really impressed with the work of @leapskills see and their methodology of helping Indian y……

Visiting @MondoFoundation work supporting women’s livelihoods work in #Tanzania #smallgrants for #big change……

An important publication by @IPPR on state of school exclusions which @InclusionTrust funded as part of its #Legacy

G8 @faceworktoday sessions in Birmingham yesterday at @AktApprentices with @TimMungeam. Superb yp with + attitude mastering #softskills