When we were producing the Facework resources we tested out the best way to introduce the subject of employability skills and attitudes with students.  After a number of sessions it became clear that one of the best ways is by peer-assessment.  We therefore produced a special “paper app!”  a score card which gave students the opportunity to rate both their own assessment of their skills, and then get their peers to rate them.  Adding these scores up at the end helps the student get an immediate idea of where they score highest and what areas can be improved.

Following discussions about whether getting a job was as likely as winning the lottery, we introduced a special ‘scratch card’ panel with the question.  What’s the secret of getting a job?  Once scratched off, the message revealed says, “Master these five Core Skills and your confidence will grow!

The students felt that gaining confidence by practicing these skills was crucial to them being successful.

Here’s a very short video of how the Z cards work. →

How good are you at the STEPS?

“"Getting a good job is like winning the lottery these days!"”

Student from Facework project

The Facework ‘Z’ score card gives students a great way to explore the 25 different skills and have fun by rating their mates too. They work well as an introduction to a lesson on what makes you more employable and can be used with adults too.

You can order the Z cards for use in your school here.

To discuss how you could adapt the Z cards for use in your own organisation working with students contact Stephen <at> facework.today

Students from a school helping with the design of the Z cards.

“"Have I won something?"”

Student on scratching the scratch card

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