What happens when we 'flip' our thinking ?

“Everything that irritaes us about others... can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

Carl Jung

Changing long held attitudes or behaviours can be really difficult.  We often get ‘stuck’ in a way of thinking and find it hard to see things from a different perspective.

When we were making Facework resources we heard lots of examples from people who had changed their views and understanding of work. and flipped their thinking.  Scroll through the images on the right for some of these as well as the stories below.

Is there an attitude that you need to flip ?


“When I was young I was bullied by this guy in my class for over 2 years.  I realise now that it made me less confident and anxious around others – especially other men.  The thing which changed was when I started working with young people first as a volunteer in a youth club and then later in schools.  Understanding how other young people felt made me able to see things from their perspective. This made me grow in confidence and I turned a weakness into a strength.”    Anonymous

The Facework Self Management Challenges look at how we manage our emotions and what sort of situations trigger different feelings in us. As we reflect on our feelings we can find positive ways to flip negative feelings into positive actions.



“I often got called names in the playground, ‘Oi curry breath’ or much worse and some teachers told us not to ‘get ideas above our station’, which was weird when it was the careers advisor! It’s not always easy to answer back as you feel you might get more hassle. I did answer back though, through my work. I showed all those people who put me down that I wouldn’t be defined by them and eventually set up a famous international design business. I was angry as hell; but I realise today how much this motivated me to succeed.”   Anshu Srivastava

People often think that anger is a negative emotion, but it can be very powerful if channeled to make things change for the good. One of the Facework Problem Solving Challenges looks specifically at how we preserver when times are tough and learn from our experiences.

“I wouldn’t know what to say to a customer”

I used to be shy and really intimidated about talking to people i don’t know.  But at work someone t old me a great tip to simply say “How can I help you?” it’s funny but in those 5 little words you can deflect your shyness and get them to talk to you and ask questions about something which you have some knowledge about.”  I also realised soon on at work that I was better at talking on the telephone than face to face so when I was out I started working in an equipment hire shop, I used to make a note of the different trader’s telephone numbers on their vans when I was out and then ring them up asking if they needed to hire any equipment and got new orders simply because I got good at selling things rather than talking about myself.”     Jack Burt

The great thing is that once you’ve had the courage to Flip your thinking you can often find new energy to re-boot your drive and overcome other barriers. Take a look at the Speaking and Listening Challenge sheets for more tips on how to get good at communication skills.


Have you got a story to share about when you ‘Flipped’ your thinking and saw things in a new light ?

Send your reflection to info<@>facework.today and we’ll get it up here for others to see.


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