Self Management

When you start work you have to show an employers that you are good at managing yourself: Your time, your emotions how you look and how good you are at being resilient.
These things improve with practice, but these Facework resources can really help you get good at these things now

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“My tip for getting better at self management is to download and use apps which monitor your health, your sleep and the amount of time you spend on social media.

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At school or at home you get picked up on self-management issues all the time.

Why are you late? Why is your hair a mess?  Why are you in a bad mood?

You could say it’s just part of growing up, but the truth is when you get to work, people expect you to be able to be grown up and manage yourself, your emotions, your time and your appearance.

But being smart is so much more than looking smart you have to have a smart attitude, take personal responsibility, believe in yourself and show resilience. The quiz will help you assess how good you are in this area and the Challenges below will help you improve in this area, so you can show an employer you are ready for work.

Online Learning Resources

As well as the Facework Challenges we've also compiled some great online resources which will help you learn about Self Management: Videos, songs, cartoons, quotes, posters, apps, even adverts - lots of things which make learning about these skills fun and engaging. If you have any suggestions which you think we should add to this list let us know here Please note that because websites change all the time, we cannot be held responsible for the content which you access through clicking on any of these links.

    Agreeing team goals - Goal Setting Redefined

    Agreeing team goals - The Power of Team-Work

    Appearin smart - Smart Works

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    Appearing Smart - "Grooming Presentation"

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    Appearing Smart - "what should I wear.."

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    Appearing Smart - Cool Guy

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    Appearing Smart - M&S 2014

    Appearing Smart - Zoella

    Celebrating results - The Importance of Applauding Yourself

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    Celebrating results - The Importance of Celebration

    Controlling Frustrations - "Anger"

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    Controlling Frustrations - "Dealing With Frustration"

    Controlling Frustrations - Anger management top tips

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    Following Instructions - Lego Movie

    Following Instructions - Remember the Milk app

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    Getting Back up Again - "Chumbawamba"

    Getting Back Up Again - "Inspirational true story"

    Getting Back Up Again - "Mike Tyson"

    Getting Back up Again - "The Power of Resilience"

    Knowing what the customer wants - To Succeed as an Entrepreneur, Know Your Customer

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    Knowing what the customers wants - 5 ways to know what your customers want

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    Managing Time - "Jar of Life"

    Managing Time - "Thank You!"

    Managing Time - "The Secret Powers of Time"

    Managing Time - "Time in a bottle"

    Managing Time - Goal Setting

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    Managing Time - MyLifeOrganized app

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    Managing Time - NHS advice

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    Managing Time - R.E.D Radio

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    Managing Time - Remember the milk app

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    Promoting others - Slide

    Sleep - "Our Natural Sleep Cycle"

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    Sleep - NHS Reduce stress

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    Sleep - NHS sleep advice

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    Sleep - Problems sleeping?

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