Facework one step at a time.

“The ladder of success isn't a ladder. It's a series of steps with leaps interspearsed along the way" ”

Seth Godin

When we had gathered all the ideas from young people we grouped 25 of them into 5 simple families of skills which you can remember as STEPS.           SELF MANAGEMENT,  TEAM WORK,  ENTERPRISE, PROBLEM SOLVING,   and  SPEAKING AND LISTENING. The STEPS mnemonic was developed by Worktree and shared with Facework as part of a collaboration in its design.

These are the skills employers say they want from staff and by using videos, quizzes, social media resources and unique challenges we help bring these skills to life to life to help you on your journey.

Tom Bulman, Director of Worktree introduces the power of STEPS here

Self Management

Managing time, appearing smart, following instructions, controlling frustrations, getting back up when you get knocked back (resilience), and keeping healthy: these are just some of the key underlying behaviours and attitudes of Self Management which all young people need to master as they prepare for work.

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Team Working

Respect others, agreeing team goals, playing to strengths, being loyal, promoting others and celebrating team results are just some of the key behaviours exhibited in effective teams. But how do we help young people see the importance of being a good team member and supporting others in the work place?

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Knowing what customers want, pleasing the customer, controlling risks, handling change, using initiative and seeking and using feedback are all crucial behaviours staff working in a company need to grasp.  In this module we look at these areas in detail including what it means to be a customer online.

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Problem Solving

Being able to spot and share a problem, have ideas on how to solve a problem, having the guts to test a solution, and evaluate the solution, even having the humbleness to admit there is a problem – these are all elements young people need to understand if they are to be work-ready.  For one thing is certain, there are always lots of problems in work!

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Speaking and Listening

Being confident to share self-interests, ask open questions, understand body language, make yourself be heard, and use follow up questions are just some of the elements of effective speaking and listening needed in the world of work. But how can we find authentic, creative ways to develop these skills and behaviours in young people? This module will help.

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