How is Facework Different ?

There are no easy answers in helping Pushed Out Learners make successful transitions into the world of work, but in designing this resource with young People we:

  • Focus on helping learners identify the questions (not giving answers) to unlock the learning.
  • Focus on the positive skills and experiences young people already have in their social lives and how these skills can be honed and transferred into the world of work.
  • Focus on helping students to find their ‘Passion Path’ and help them use their area of interest to motivate and inspire them further.
  • Focus on harnessing the existing tools, apps and online social platforms which YP use to help them learn new skills

Facework is work in progress we want to continue to test the social value, user value and economic value of producing these resources. We want to work with strategic partners, teachers and young people in sharpening the resources which focus on employability skills, whilst also plotting what individual APs are doing across the country, so that together we can develop work related learning resources which are fit for purpose and effective for the changing world of work.

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