Facework India is a unique employability skills programme which focuses on helping Indian young people acquire the necessary Character Strengths and Soft Skills needed for the changing world of work. 

All the content on this website has been developed with and by Indian young people so it is relevant, practical and real. So take the time to visit the pages on Mindset, learn new soft skills and become more flexible and entrepreneurial in finding work.

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Please note this website is currently under construction with new content from the most recent field work being added.

Employers across India are looking for staff who can prove they have these 5 core Soft Skills. Click on each of the 5 STEPS below to find out more.

Facework helps us review whether the mindset we have about work is correct and shows how we can all adopt a Growth Mindset.


Discovering your personal Character Strengths will help you identify which jobs will make the most of these strengths, and how they can be grown.


Building and maintaining your self-confidence is crucial especially when you are applying for jobs. Facework will help you grow your confidence.


There are very many ways you can lead, we'll show you how developing your leadership skills can help you in your career or set up your own business.


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